Monday, 6 July 2009

Mirror, Mirror In The Post...

Crazee Legs Bird
Bendigedig ( Welsh for brilliant)!

It`s been a long time since my last entry, so now I`ve got some major catching up to do.

The last entry was your invitation to our show at The Tannery. Thanks to every one that came, although I notice some of you couldn`t make it.Oh Well, a while prior to starting the project, Jake had told me, a while back about this 3D projection experiment he had seen on the television involving a convex mirror. It sounded fantastic , and just the sort of optical illusion I wanted to play around with during the Event Horizon project. After a failed mission with a small and too flat purchase, there it was ,on ebay. A convex security mirror. Wooo-Hoo. Put in a bid, and eventually won it for only 99p. Plus, of course £20.00 for the p&p. Which, incidently, looked like it would happen within 24 hours.( Yeah, right).

After a couple of days spent by the letter box, I made enquiries, and was told that the mirror was in the post or with a courrier and was very large. This size must have inhibited the mobility of the delivery service, because 10 days later, still no mirror. The exhibition was imminent and I was due to leave Tuesday. Stressing gently, I arranged to have a second mirror delivered the next day. Not a chance. It did arrive, eventually, fairplay, but not without some phone calls and a bit more insistant re- arranging.

It is huge, yes, and I do love it to bits. There will be more in another blog entry about its place in the show. But, somewhere in the ether is another lost mirror, bit like a 45" diameter flying saucer, be sure not to miss it if it comes your way. Because it certainly didn`t get here. The sellers did promise to drop all costs, because of the muck-ups.

The photos above were taken in the Tannery. What a stunning and atmospheric place. More about that later.

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