Monday, 13 July 2009

Exotic Matter Indeed

Natural High Light

Players and The Fabric of the Universe

Huge Projection on the Wall

From the back

The back room of The Old Tannery is where the places of the old pits of unsavoryness have been marked out, by archiologists. The room is now a large and open space filled with atmosphere.
The four record players at the back of the space, played four records. With the four tone arms tied to make four aleatoric loops of sound. The players were all found in some way or another , and functioned in an intermediate fashion. The harmonic chorus came from records that were bought the previous day from the charity shop around the corner. They were; two different bird songs recorded at Ynys Hir , the local nature reserve,a song from Richard Rees, a local man who had sung in the Tabernacle next door, and music from a Twmpath, which is a Welsh Barn Dance.
Near to the record players `The Fabric of the Universe`, a piece made from crocheted deep sea fishing line and about 8 feet in diameter,spread, apparently hovvering just above the floor. The amorphic nature of this piece renders it almost invisible, blended with the floors natural textures and the geometric man made markings on the concrete. Its hyperbolic ripples are explored in greater detail by the constant movement projected onto the wall high above. Loops of texture appear to ripple down the walls and drip from the beams.
The relationship between work and space has reached a premium ,`... in a beautiful conversation with each other.`
The space although relativley full, had given our installation an impression of clarity and expansiveness.The installation gave to the space, a vision of the relationship between the unimaginably huge and the invisibly small.
Its quite ironic really. The piece of film that I , personally liked the least has become the strongest piece in our experiments.

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