Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Light from the Past.

Beautiful but deadly. The roof and Cinnabar moth.

Next doors cat.

We arrived at The Old Tannery, MOMA, Machynllech, for a bit of a reccy and met Pete in the gallery next door. MOMA, Wales have purchased The Old Tannery for renovation, but while plans are being made there have been as series of short exhibitions organised by Pete Telfods organisation Culturecolony. ( http://www.culturecolony.org/).

With the roofers imminantly due, Jake managed to arrange, at lighting speed ,a week in residence there. It was an ideal opportunity to view the film work from the project, and experiment with new installation pieces.

Greeted by a neighbourly cat and a murder of wooden crows purched in the decaying eves.( These were left over from the exhibition before.) the building exudes character and history. Stunningly beautiful with textures and natural light. The floor was littered with dead Cinnabar moths, which occaisionally fluttered to the floor and expired infront of your conversation. But, even this seemed to be an appropriate echo of the Tannerys unsavory chemical past. I hope the refurbishment leaves some of the original behind. We thought it was a suitable venue at the time, but had no idea how the building itself was to infiltrate our work and become our inspiration.

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