Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Several Natural Interventions

Detail Experiment #1

Experiment #2l

Detail Experiment #2

Meditative Jake

Photon Board game

As you come into the Tannery, by the rotten wooden door, the natural light in the first area is astounding. Clear and bright with transient graphlines that appear and dissappear as the weather dictates. The half of the roof that isn`t leathal, is covered in clear plastic, giving a white light and slightly over exposed look to the installation. Carefully placing a battery opperated record player (Numark), in the spaces between the drips and crumbleing masonary, the tone arm was tied with first one, and after a natural intervention, (it fell down!) three strings of Iota. Experiment #2 had Seven Iota strings that spread from the small hole in the roof, and streched down to the record player below, with a natural grace that could not have been engineered by human hand. This was the first of the many instances, which illustrated the buildings inate ability to make our experimental installations, site specific.
We hadn`t really totally considered how or where we would place each piece of work. There were ideas that we had talked about, and we had brought quite a few pieces with us. The Old Tannery itself was the catalyst in our visual chemistry .
The locally purchased record on the turn table was deliberatly warped in situe, on the dashboard of the car, and played a simple and airy loop of Welsh Harp music. The undulations of the record flicked and plucked at the strings of tiny pale Iota, making minute movements in time to the looped rhythmn. The breeze from the open door often joined them in a gust of chorus, lifting dust particles into the equation.
As the sun illuminated the plastic roof , parts of the floor were turned into a grid. The whole installation was periodically revealed to be a slow and patent game of Photon chess.

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