Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Very Anti Green Gold Room

Half in Day Light
Spot the Crocheting Hands
Green- Gold Shrine

The little anti room between the two large rooms appeared to be perfect for the huge convex mirror and film pieces. During the day the space was not really dark enough ,with only one opening covered by a curtain. Anyhow, the room instantly became full of curling mysterious movement. The little dirty dark non- space was transformend into a strange alter to the crocheted loop. We went back later one night and our theories were proven. The room filled completely with the crochet film! The walls, the ceiling and the floor were covered in loops...and so were we. Right inside the crochet. Saturated and mesmerised.
The low ceiling in the little space, made the experience close and intense, especially when crocheting hands ran across the room, fingers like tiny alien creatures tending the textile mass.
How very strange.

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