Friday, 29 May 2009

Theories From Iota Island

Iota on the Spools
Iota Island Alone

Incessant Untangleing

Me, Kathryn, Iota and Bokeh

It took Jake, kathryn and me five and a half hours to install the Iota on the Island. The grass and herbs had been strimmed the day before, and the glorious sun was shining. We worked long and hard, and ended up with the spiritual epiphany cross obscure equation that is `Iota Island`. Jake isn`t in the picures, as when he wasn`t up and down the ladder, he was taking these and hundreds more (literally). There is a link below to an animation of the whole five and a half hours, and photos will be up on my Flickr account. Thank you Katherine and Jake from the bottom of all my Iotas!
It wasn`t easy deciding how to hang the 13 x 20 metre strings. I felt wary about formal arrangement,
but didn`t want them to become a formless tangled mass. That was a practicle rather than aesthetic concern. In the end we begun in a tree, and continued without too much planning. ( Like Pascals universe with it`s centre every where and its circumference nowhere). From the land , the installation looks a bit triangular. Infact there are different plains and linear formations that are really only visable when in the midst of it all. We attempted a parabolic curve, and some curved Euclidian plains. These weren`t so sucessfull. It`s not possible to express very precise geometric formation without equally precise measurement and acurate installation. As we were using trees as verticles, and had to weave in and out of Gunnera and brances, and incorporate a beautiful deserted duck house , the lines went where we could put them. 20 meteres is longer than you can imagine!
The opening went well. Artists showed in and out doors, there was a vast ammount of picnicing and my friends came. Hurrah! The last day is Saturday, and Jake hopes to do some filming in the sun shine that the Met. office have promised us. Watch this blog for floating Iota films. I can`t wait.
Good not to look at rotating yellow wormholes for a few days.
Photos of Iota Island...

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