Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Supermassive Yellow Hole

Growing . Slowley.

Lines and loops.

At play in the multiverse that is Aberiefed Studios, we continue the quest in search of images of science-crochet and quasi-phenomonology.
Tuesday night was the premier web broadcast of live performance crochet, and catchy vinyl loops.
Jake on the decks playing a live mix unique to the event, with titles that included; 2 copies of Johhny Cash,`Walk The Line`, Nana Mouskouri,` Had I a Golden Thread`,The Incredible String Band`A Very Circular Song`,Phil Coulter `Silver Threads Among the Gold and `The Spinning Wheel`. Links to recordings of the web event are on the horizon. ( Sorry).
The loops of crocheted line and processed lyric merged to make a meditative and holistic sensory event. Worth persuing as a performance piece, live or on film.
I cant remember why or when I put the crochet on my head to continue working! Nice hat though.

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