Friday, 15 May 2009

An Imaginary Number

Iota is the letter i in the Greek alphabet. It is used in mathematical equations that deal with Complex number systems. In these equations, either i or -i, is used to denote the ammount that is equal to the square root of minus one. The square root of minus one, if I understand what I have learned, has no numerical value, or its value cannot be calculated. That required a bit of consideration...The square root of minus one has no numerical value. (If I have got this wrong please let me know)!
A style of multi disciplinary poetry. A number with no comprehensible value , expressed as a letter, still has a vital and proven place in mathematical equations that describe the order of our Universe. I have heard many times phrases such as ` Iota`s worth of difference`... or `I couldn`t give an Iota`... but just thought that an Iota must be a very small ammount. Not, that it is what is known as an imaginary or mysterious number, from the `Complex` rather than the `Real` number system.

I had started to crochet the project now called`Iota`, for the Drefelin Mill exhibition, and didn`t really know what they were. One day while engrossed in crocheting, and listening to the radio, I heard Marcus du Sautoy talking about the mathematics of infinity.He briefly mentioned Iota.
How beautiful!
That is ,of course, what I was crocheting. All linked in an extending linear system. Frilly, transparent, imaginary numbers. Perfect!
It was Dustin Hoffmans characture from that amazing film `I Heart Huckabees`, that said,
` There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity`.
So I continued to crochet, on and on. There are about 13 lengths of Iota , each about 20 metres long. They will be on show on Iota Island from th 25th May.
We will continue to use the Iota and film to explore the concept of how the insignificant multiplies into imposing itself, to become phenomononal.

(Although it was probably some one elses original quote. The film is full of brilliant references.)

We have been experimenting with editing our first pieces of film, trying to discover techniques that express the incomprehensible and slightly ammusing elements of intense mathematical theory.
Hopefully there will be some visuals in my next entry.

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