Saturday, 2 May 2009

Three Iota Pieces

`The Universe is an infinite sphere with it`s circumference nowhere and it`s centre everywhere`. - Pascal
Here is a link to the the first three pieces of experimental film up on Vimeo . I hope that the project will consist of hundreds of short experimental clips , with some that will be valuable finished pieces. Some, I hope to project back onto pieces of textile, to explore the possibilities of movement and optical illusion , without direct reference to linear time.
`An Alexipharmac Draught.
Take Alexiterial Milk Water 3 ounces; Epidemial, compound peony water,
syrup of Gilly-flowers, Syrup of Saffron, each 2 drams, Diascordium, 2 scruples, Goa stone 1 scruple, mix.
In suspicious ill condition`d fevers, it raises and supports the drooping spirits from the Centre to the circumfrence`.
An old venitian cure from `Remedy`, Michelle Lovric.

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