Thursday, 30 April 2009

Floating Iota.

Screen capture from HD video footage.

Photo taken with camera mode on video camera

Photo taken with camera mode on video camera.

These are images taken from the first pieces of experimental film made for this project, with a Sony HVRA1E video camera and a centuary .65 HR wide angle lens.

Where to begin filming was the problem. Not location, that was at Abereifed Studios, where Jake has his practice. I find that,it is difficult to formally begin any creative project by saying now or here. When is the now and where is the here? However, you have to make a first mark some how, and after that initial first move, ideas usually begin to flow. Not dissimilar to beginning a painting or sculpting. Some pieces can emerge from a cumulitive ponderance, it has worked that way with recent crochet work. We had to have a physical beginning for the filming, a real time now moment.
As a couple of my textile pieces are in The Oriel Myrddin gallery at the moment, (if you want to see some of the exhibits, ), and I`m still making a couple of experimental textile pieces, the `Iota` were the first piece to start examining as the subject.
The top image is two layers of film. The first layer is a film made with the camera panning slowly over the` Iota`. Simple but effective.The second layer, is of my hands filmed while crocheting, with a stationary camera. ( The still above looks slightly like I`m doing the washing up! )
We were able to review the footage continuosly as we filmed, on a TV screen. The fishing line that the `Iota` are crocheted from does wonderful things by absorbing and reflecting light and colour. I am really looking forward to seeing what wonders Jake will produce by editing.

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