Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day Four

Still from the DVD loop `Event Horizon`. 2008

`Event Horizon - The Pods`, at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, 2009

`The Black Hole of Carmarthen` at Tactilebosch, 2008 See more photos.

I`ve been using DVD loops in my `Science -Crochet` practice, as addition or enhancement to the other apsects of installation pieces. Drawing in 3 dimensions with crochet, gave 2 dimensional drawings life , brought them off the page and into real time. Ofcourse, now that scientists assure us our universe exists in at least 4 dimensions, and very probably many more than that, its time to experiment.

Initially, the research project `Event Horizon` was to be specificly about the piece pictured in the photos above, thats why the name hasn`t changed, but as the brief for the funding expanded, so did the concept.

The aim of the project is to explore the relationship between the screen based image, and the textile object. By exploring the visual elements of texture within textile through annimation and digital processing techniques, the project aims to explore conceptual interpretations of linear and space time.Using editing and projection we hope to create images that interact with perpective and dimension.

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