Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Yellow Line Theory

Worm Hole opening?

Contours of space, or the shape of sub aquatic things ?

It`s the start of the project, so we did a little shopping. Technical stuff mainly, with large memory, but still a bit like Christmas. I found this incredIbly yellow line for half price at my favorite local fishing tacle shop. I`m trying to produce a couple of experimental pieces of textile to experimentally film. Can`t go wrong really.
I am a little dubious about the very neon yellow colour of the line. The translucent white fishing line has a clean scientific feel about it. It has a sort of elegance and purity. These adjectives are used descriptivley in art and science, as well as words like balance and grace. Although Albert Einstein did say,
`If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor`.
The yellow is the same as the every day reflective safety wear that is really common. That may not be the association I`m looking for. Maybe it`s the beginning of a new crochet safety outer space casual range. There`s an idea now.
You can see pictures of Science-Crochet from white fishing line on www.flickr.com

Just as I feel like I`m drowning in serious science research, I hear on the radio that scientists at the Max Plank Institute for Research, have been searching a distant space dust cloud formation for amino acids, the building blocks of life. They have found ethyl formate, which is the chemical that gives raspberries their flavour. Raspberry flavour space clouds yippeeeee!

Get well soon Stephen Hawking, who has been rushed to hospital with a chest infection.

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