Monday, 1 June 2009

Purest Green

Cloth fit for a green screen
Midway through our planets earthly light spectrum, we find the nations fav. buzzword colour, green. Like Percy, from one of the `Blackadder` comedy T.V.series, I find myself muttering quietly about discovering an alchemical concoction of `purest green...` Which he manifests whilst attempting a more traditional receipe for gold, the usual alchemists goal.
In this case, we need it to rig up a small green screen for filming hands without shadow. Its kind of technical for me, but as I understand it, the green is the colour found least in human flesh tones. So if you edit out all green from a piece of film, you are left with just the other colours, ie;hands. These can the be layered onto new backgrounds. Anyhow, it`s the next step in the filming schedule. It`s a proven and well used technique, so we are bound to create some indecipherable alien artistic language.
Watch this blog for further uses of the cross cultural nature of textiles to bridge the gap between art and science, even if we are reverting to mediaeval conjouring techniques.
`I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man`s;
I will not reason or compare; my business is to create.`
William Blake.

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