Friday, 12 June 2009

Invisible Entity.

Round and Round.

An interesting way of making yourself well dizzy. Put the camera into the Wormhole and spin it over your head. Do not let go. The resulting piece of film is on You Tube.If you want to see it...
It appears that the crochet itself is still, the outside world spins and loops. As in space time, the movement is an illusion. The events outside the crochet are still, as is the camera itself. The crochet is moving, swinging and looping, but appears stationary. The kinetic energy behind the movement cause by a thrid party (me!), which is not visible to the viewer. This could be an allegory to many an invisible entity. As Spock would have said...`Fascinating Captain`.
The play of light is also interesing. Rendering the line coloured, colourless and flashing with steaks of blue. Lovley.

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