Friday, 19 June 2009

Many Hands Make Cosmic Texture

Experimental Wormhands #1 and Wormhands#2.

Too see the strange and beautiful film .
Superluminal wormhole travel and theories of interconnection.There is a lot of theory out there. Discovered the theoetical existance of `exotic matter` (ooooooo, negative mass and negative energy!?!), yesterday, and white holes (other end of a wormhole), and cosmic texture, which is -thoughts on reasons for large cold spots in the comic ( -Oops typo`, I ment cosmic!) microwave background, bigger than anything ever thought of before. Its so out there (literally), it makes me laugh out loud. It`s just like crochet with words. A different language , with its own tension and stitches. Still involving string theory, and cosmic texture and loops in space and lines of time. I love it .

I understand from Jake this film took hours of editing and rendering. Its amazing. Very busy with itself, it fidgets and multiplies into and out of time, going rhythmnically everywhere and nowhere. Superb! Crocheted discourse between matter and time.

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